Medical Armbands and Dressage Bridles

Because eventers do it better (but every discipline deserves respect). College student. Physics major aiming for vet school. I've been riding for 17 years and I own a 10 year old TB gelding called the Cabbage. My aim is to be an equine vet eventing at (hopefully) the international level. Ask me anything. My personal blog:

Jun 9






We all just started as little girls with a love for horses.

Look at us now.

Most of us are bitches.

and alcoholics with great butts

not to mention sleep deprived and socially awkward

And broke

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Apr 25




I don’t really like the female commentator for Rolex though

Karen O’Connor?

I’m pretty sure Karen O doesn’t like you either

I’m sorry Karen o Connor is not the female commentator at Rolex. She is the Rolex queen who kindly agreed to give the ultimate insiders opinion combined with the ultimate experts opinion to us mortals.

PDutty and Mr. M were fabulous and if they stay together they will do everything like Nicholson status everything.  I feel like they’re the next michael jung and sam.  Also hot damn lauren keiffer and veronica holy fucking shit amazeballs test ALSO That horse obvi has the experience to stay up there so I really hope they do well!  Also also I have to root for Daniel Clasing since he’s a local and I thought he had a fairly nice test if only he hadn’t had that lead change during the extension.  (I got yelled at for having my computer open to rolex during class so now I’m catching up)

Sidenote, I’m wearing my rolex sweatshirt from last year, and while I was rucking to the library to catch up on the last few rides before my next class some girl was like, “wishing you were there?” and pointed at my sweatshirt, and I just gave her this blank as fuck look and an awkward smile and then when she was like a whole flight of stairs away I was like ohhhh yeah!  Watching it during class!  I am too awkward for life.

Rewatching some of the rides I missed yesterday during my commute.  WFP had a fabulous ride and I literally gasped out loud in class when Seacookie tripped.  Also so sad that Tate was kind of tense yesterday because I want Sinead to win everything until the olympic committee apologizes.

Apr 24


omg. yes. 
found on quickmeme

Bringing this back in honor of RK3DE14 I wish Quimbo was still in the line up!



omg. yes. 

found on quickmeme

Bringing this back in honor of RK3DE14 
I wish Quimbo was still in the line up!

Jesus fucking christ can I BE Hawley Bennett?  Fuck.  Ginny was hot and tense and she pulled off a damn fine test hats off to her.

Dissapointed by James Alliston’s ride, but that’s how it goes in eventing.  Allie Knowles is killing it right now, and fingers crossed Hawley and Ginny will bring it next!

4* eventers doing flying lead changes are the best.  Half of the horses try and jump forward into the other lead, preferably at a gallop.  Kudos to Sharon White, btw, she did not have an easy ride.  

I know I disappeared for like, forever, but I’ve been busy working two jobs, going to school, and riding 6 days a week.  Also training for an ultra marathon.  So.  Busy.  But never too busy for Rolex!  Which my mother went to with several of my barn mates.  On my birthday.  While I stay home.  Not cool.

Jennie Brannigan’s face as she came down the centerline to start her test was just so happy.  

One more ride before the lunch break then I need to find something else to occupy me until class is over.

Mar 26

Then the conversation tends to shift to the voice in the back of your head that says “What if?” What if I don’t reach my potential, what if I miss an opportunity because I run out of time or didn’t recognize the opportunity, what if I don’t reach my goal or worst yet, what if I’m too scared to say that goal out loud because I don’t want to fail?

And then the worst “what if” creeps in—what if I don’t belong here? What if I am not good enough? All of this is what goes on in my head. If you can’t relate to any these thoughts, then lucky you.

Sinead Halpin (x)

Sinead is my wcw

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(via otteventer)

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